Canopy Fabric

I am constantly asked why we use Polypropylene fabric instead f Acrylic. It’s a fair question with a simple answer; Durability. Through Tenacity testing we found that Solution-dyed Polypropylene is far strong both wet or dry than Solution-dyed Acrylic. With over 100 square feet of fabric we want something that will withstand the harsh outdoor environment. 

Testing shows that Acrylic loses almost half its strength when wet compared to Polypropylene which loses nothing. 

Here is a link to the Tenacity testing data plus additional information about our fabric. 

Too much Weight

Some consumers like to add additional weight to our bases, by placing decorative stones, vases or pottery on top of the base. We do not recommend this. Like a bride there is some “give” to allow for unexpected winds that could blow the umbrella over. By placing to much weight on the base you run the risk of breaking a part of the umbrella. We try to mitigate damages with the use of Spring-Loaded End pieces on the ribs and a breakaway pin system in the hubs. 

Properly filled Base

The Sun Garden “Original Easy Sun Parasol only works in a Sun Garden base. It will not work in another base plus it voids all warranties if the umbrella is use in a non-Sun Garden base. 

Since the Sun Garden umbrella is a Cantilever or Side Mount umbrella it is very important the base be properly filled with 5 bags of pea gravel or sand. This is the approximately 250lbs. You can fit an extra half a bag. Plus, in warm climates you can add water for additional weight. Water Only will NOT work. The base only holds 5 gallons of water which is about 55lbs. The umbrella will fall over. 

Correct Operations

We live busy lives so who can remember everything about an umbrella. With this in mind Sun Garden has produced a new hang tag or quick use guide. The guide goes over the most important aspects of the umbrella to insure you don’t have a problem. 

The hang tag or guide covers how to properly close and secure the umbrella when not in use or during stormy conditions, properly opening, how to use the 360 swiveling function and warning about wind speeds.  The tag also has a QR code that will take you to where you will find all kinds of helpful information about the “Original Easy Sun Parasol”  

Here is a link to the new hang tag.

Cleaning Techniques

Certain stains need to be addressed as soon as possible specifically Bird Poop. It’s very acidic and will discolor or dissolve the fabric if left. I live on the edge of a bird sanctuary, so I know this well. I use my hose with some force to knock off as much as possible. If there is anything left, I use a mild dishwash detergent, spray liberally then hose off again, in some cases I will brush the spot lightly. 

More detailed cleaning and maintenance information can be found towards the end of the manual.  Here is a link to new manual:

Proper Setup

Every year at the start of the patio season we get a lot of calls about setup errors.  Consumers have taken down their umbrella for the winter then re-assemble it for the summer. To insure setup is done correctly we have a 2-minute setup video on our website There is a video for all umbrellas made prior to 2015, one for 2016 to 2018 and coming soon for 2019 models. 

Please Note: The most important part in setting up the umbrella is making sure the base correctly assembled. 

From the Deck of Ed McDonald, CEO of Sun Garden USA


Hello everyone, I’m Ed McDonald CEO of Sun Garden USA. I’ve worked with Sun Garden on construction, materials, customer service and design since 1998 becoming CEO on July First, 2014. 

The first order of business was fixing our horrible customer and technical support services. In 3 years, we went from Zero to Hero and now offer the very best customer service in our industry. 

The goal of my blog is to make your experience with your Sun Garden umbrellas easier and problem free. Plus, convince those interested in purchasing our umbrella its worth your investment. 

Finally, feel free to reach out and ask me any question about our umbrellas or point out any problems you might be experience so I can help you. Thank you for reading. 

Link to “about me”:

Securing Your Canopies

It has come to our attention that people aren’t securing their umbrellas properly with the strap that is included with their umbrellas. Please secure your canopy assembly to the pole itself. In case that you loose your strap please contact us at or use a small bungee cord to strap the canopy in place. Having the canopy assembly in place before placing a cape over your umbrella is vital in making sure that it is secure.