From the Deck of Ed McDonald, CEO of Sun Garden USA


Hello everyone, I’m Ed McDonald CEO of Sun Garden USA. I’ve worked with Sun Garden on construction, materials, customer service and design since 1998 becoming CEO on July First, 2014. 

The first order of business was fixing our horrible customer and technical support services. In 3 years, we went from Zero to Hero and now offer the very best customer service in our industry. 

The goal of my blog is to make your experience with your Sun Garden umbrellas easier and problem free. Plus, convince those interested in purchasing our umbrella its worth your investment. 

Finally, feel free to reach out and ask me any question about our umbrellas or point out any problems you might be experience so I can help you. Thank you for reading. 

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Securing Your Canopies

It has come to our attention that people aren’t securing their umbrellas properly with the strap that is included with their umbrellas. Please secure your canopy assembly to the pole itself. In case that you loose your strap please contact us at or use a small bungee cord to strap the canopy in place. Having the canopy assembly in place before placing a cape over your umbrella is vital in making sure that it is secure.