A Great Investment

We engineer every Sun Garden USA umbrella with the intent to save you money by building a higher quality product as a long term investment. That's why we hand assemble each umbrella and offer replacement parts and canopies so that you can maintain your parasol for the long haul. 

To the right in the first picture, you could see the sheer size of our umbrellas and their presence in this picture of them at the POLO Match we just sponsored. Our umbrellas are a more beautiful, and versatile option than a standard pop up tent. 

framed version dark frost 1polo.jpg

In the second picture to the left, you can see a comparison to an average made patio umbrella side by side. Not only is our umbrella larger providing you more shade than a standard patio umbrella, but you can see the strength in our build quality. The wooden frame is warped on the standard umbrella and is falling over to the side. Standard patio umbrellas are built to last a season or two, while ours is designed to last you a long period of time.

These values are what makes our umbrellas such a great long term investment!