Replacement Parts Is Important

Remember when you could fix all the appliances in your house? That lost American value is one of the most important values in the umbrellas we build. All of our umbrellas are designed with quality interchangeable parts, allowing owners to order replacement parts as needed.  The piece of mind that you can always fix your umbrella after so many years of use, or simply have the freedom to change the color canopy to match a new patio dinning set is important. This is what gives our original cantilever umbrellas so much value.

Check out our quality parts store to see how we provide many years of support and service to our customers with replacement parts and canopies! 

A Great Investment

We engineer every Sun Garden USA umbrella with the intent to save you money by building a higher quality product as a long term investment. That's why we hand assemble each umbrella and offer replacement parts and canopies so that you can maintain your parasol for the long haul. 

To the right in the first picture, you could see the sheer size of our umbrellas and their presence in this picture of them at the POLO Match we just sponsored. Our umbrellas are a more beautiful, and versatile option than a standard pop up tent. 

framed version dark frost 1polo.jpg

In the second picture to the left, you can see a comparison to an average made patio umbrella side by side. Not only is our umbrella larger providing you more shade than a standard patio umbrella, but you can see the strength in our build quality. The wooden frame is warped on the standard umbrella and is falling over to the side. Standard patio umbrellas are built to last a season or two, while ours is designed to last you a long period of time.

These values are what makes our umbrellas such a great long term investment!


What is Cantilever?

Our Sun Garden umbrellas are called a "cantilever umbrella" for it's design. So what does cantilever mean in relation to design?  Well, cantilever engineering could be compared to an excavator's center of gravity and flexibility.  If you look below at  our umbrella, you'll notice that unlike many other traditional umbrellas that feature a support poll in the center, our main pole is a series of two curves -or cantilevers working together to provide overhead coverage without the support being in the way.

The benefits of this design not only removes the center poll, but allows structural flexibility in extreme weather to take strong winds and weather to avoid damage. It can easily also be readjusted like an excavator to help with comfort at far better angles, that which a traditional umbrella can't do while centered.


What's A French Seam?

The  fabric of our Canopies are sewn with a French seam to ensure a clean line, with a strong construction for durability. So why is this little seam so important? Well it's used in many industries to ensure strength in  the wear and tear of the fabrics. If it looks familiar, it's a stitch that's found on car, boat and airplane interiors for it's durability. We at Sun Garden USA take pride in this construction practice on all of our canopies. To learn further about how a french seam is done, check out this post from our friends at Shorelark


Picture courtesy of Shorelark