Black & Silver Frames Are In This Season

 One of the great things about a Sun Garden cantilever umbrella is it's customization and timeless design that matches any style and color of patio sets on the market. Recently, we noticed a  trend in patio furniture design where people have been moving away from traditional colors such as white and bronze and towards a modern look with silver and black. 

While we continue to offer white and bronze painted frames for our models, we also offer brilliant black and silver paint finishes for our 13 foot curve frames as well. The size of our large 13 foot umbrellas are already a fashion statement piece for many customers backyards, and now even more so in beautiful black and silver hues. Inquire about a custom Umbrella for your backyard today!

*Disclaimer: There is a wait period as custom umbrella are hand assembled in Europe and then delivered to North America . 11.5C to be offered in silver later in 2018 

White Sun Garden Patio Umbrella.jpg