Dear valued customers, 

 Older models have the customer support phone number of 727-565-4437 listed on them which is no longer in service.  800-403-2120 or 475-282-4842 is now the new telephone support number to call for assistance on all issues related to your product. 


FULFILLMENT: Due to heavy demand for our product and our process of hand assembling each umbrella to ensure a high level of quality we appreciate your patience as we reply to each inquiry and all inquires will be received in one business day. For a faster response email our consumer division at We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

SERVICE: We apologize for the inconvenience, but Sun Garden USA does not offer a technician service to repair our umbrellas, but we have partnered with experienced repair companies in your area

Replacement Parts

We stock many parts in our warehouse. Parts will ship 3-5 business days via UPS Ground. Contact us for assistance. Spare Parts return policy is 30 days to return  and in resale condition only. 
Phone: 1-800-403-2120


Two-year warranty of the frame covers workmanship and manufacturer defects to the entire frame. Umbrella cord has one year warranty. Warranty does not cover any type of wind damage, animal attacks, flood, fire, abuse, damages from improper setup or use, or "acts of god."

As of January 1, 2015 all new Sun Garden canopies come with a 5 year warranty. This warranty covers seams coming undone and fading. Warranty does not cover: punctures, tears, rips, pulls, any type of wind damage, any type of stain, animal attacks, flood, fire, abuse, damages from improper setup or use, and "acts of god."

Sun Garden offers replacement parts covered by the warranty at no charge but consumers pay for shipping and labor to install.


 Please contact customer service if you require an exchange or refund. Please note there is a 15% restocking fee with every refund issued. 1-800-403-2120

Personal Care

Keep your umbrella secure!

  • Place base on a level surface.

  • Properly close and secure your umbrella during winds of 20 miles per hour or greater.

  • Always close the umbrella when left unattended.

  • Secure the canopy to the mast with the strap.

Cleaning Your Umbrella

You can remove and wash the canopy with a mild detergent but do not put it in a dryer - it will shrink. Replace the wet canopy back on the umbrella frame to dry.

Wind Rating Disclaimer

Sun Garden is field and wind tunnel tested. We know exactly what happens to our umbrellas at specific speeds: at 20 MPH open Sun Garden parasols become a tipping hazard, and at 25 MPH open the umbrella can tip over.  When your Sun Garden Umbrella is properly secured to the frame, canopy  closed and strapped secure, it will not tip exceeding winds of 60MPH.  As with all patio umbrellas, please close your Sun Garden when left unattended or in windly conditions.